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Massage is one of the most powerful and ancient natural therapies on the planet. There are many different reasons why people book a Massage treatment and they range from the need to unwind and release muscular tension, to recharging our depleted energy levels and to needing a simple physical ‘de-tox’.

Stress is the killer, most stress is the result of becoming disconnected from ourselves and our truth. Massage therapy is simply the most powerful way to reconnect and feel great! It is certainly one of the most scientifically tested and researched of all the complementary and natural health therapies.

NO HANDS Massage takes the powerful and ancient therapy of Massage to a whole new level and for this reason it is now the fastest growing approach to Massage therapy in the UK and the Far East. You really do need to experience it in order to understand it, which is why we say…

Take time out,

Just feel it

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